Haiti – Hurricane Matthews

France is closely following Hurricane Matthew, which hit the southwestern point of Haiti yesterday morning. The interministerial staff of the Antilles Zone and the Crisis and Support Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development have been mobilized.

This hurricane has hit the Haitian people hard and caused major damage, particularly in the Sud and Grande Anse departments, with which communications are down.

As soon as the hurricane was announced, the Haitian authorities triggered an emergency plan, took preventive measures, and established an assessment and review committee, with which our embassy in Port-au-Prince is in contact.
France offers its heartfelt solidarity to the Haitian people and government at this difficult time.

Humanitarian assistance

France has decided to respond immediately to the appeal for humanitarian assistance launched by the Haitian authorities following Hurricane Matthew which hit the southwestern tip of Haiti on October 4.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development’s crisis and support center is coordinating French humanitarian assistance and offering the Haitian authorities its expertise in the areas of aerial reconnaissance and needs assessment.

Within the framework of the partnership between the ministry and the Airbus Helicopters Foundation, two helicopters will conduct reconnaissance missions in order to assess the damage. Two French sécurité civile [emergency services] officers are also involved in the European needs assessment mission.

France extends its wholehearted solidarity with the Haitian government and people at this difficult time.

Last modified on 06/10/2016

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